​interrogation, false confessions, police, misconduct

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interrogation, false confessions, police, misconduct

wrongful conviction, death penalty, capital cases, statements, witnesses, lying, deception, criminal cases, expert, analyst, analysis fraud  

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Criminal Case Consultants Inc. is not a legal firm and does not provide legal advice or investigative services. Our firm's experts are previous law enforcement skilled professionals, with extensive background in major case analysis providing attorney's with expert opinion. ​We provide attorney's a complete "road map" in our final forensic report  that can be used as a guide while conducting cross-examination at trial. Our firm expertise provides analysis in the following area's:

Sexual Assault & Child Related Sex Abuse Cases - We analyse initial interviews conducted by child protection service agencies, as well as forensic interviewers. We conduct analysis of notes that were taken by professionals including law enforcement during the course of the investigation, identify existence of possible notes that were not provided in disclosure, identify coercive techniques used in interviews of victims as well as complete analysis, identifying area's of concern relating to suspect interrogation methods used by police on person's of interest and suspects.

False Confessions - We analyze the written transcript, video  or audio file and identify any use of coercive interrogation techniques used by police as well as potential misconduct during the interview or interrogation. We will also identify potential off book conversations that may have occurred through the identification of specific language patterns. This will assist attorneys during preparation of cross examination.

Witness & Victim Interviews - We analyze and identify coercive techniques used to obtain statements through suggestive and implanted memory, the analysis of how photo lineups were conducted and police notes relating to interviews identifying potential off book conversations with the interviewer.

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