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Criminal Case Consultants provides trial consulting & forensic expert services throughout the United States and for the United States Military. Our firm provides forensic expert analysis and opinion on coercive police interrogation techniques and coercive witness & victim interviews. Brian Leslie is a Nationally recognized expert in coercive interrogation & interview techniques. He has over 15 years of previous law enforcement experience which includes major case investigation as well as specialized training in both interrogation techniques and analytical investigative methods. Mr. Leslie is regularly retained to examine, analyze the contents of written, video and audio witness / victim interviews, suspect interviews and interrogations (audio, video and written transcripts) that were conducted by law enforcement. He has testified and been qualified as an expert in U.S. Federal Court as well as State and Military courts throughout the United States.

Coercive Interrogation - We analyze the written statement, transcript, video or audio file and identify any potential use of coercive interrogation techniques used by police as well as potential misconduct during the interview or interrogations. 

Sexual Assault & Child Abuse Cases - We examine and conduct analysis on initial interviews conducted by child protection service agencies, as well as forensic interviewers and law enforcement. We review and examine notes that were taken by professionals including law enforcement during the course of the investigation, identify existence of possible notes that were not provided in original disclosures, identify potential coercive techniques used in interviews of victims and witnesses as well as complete analysis, identifying area's of concern relating to suspect interrogation methods used by police on person's of interest and suspects.

Witness & Victim Interviews - We analyze and identify potential coercive techniques used to conduct interviews and obtain statements using  by law enforcement.

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